Pros and cons of getting a lawyer!

A Zealous Advocate for Your DUI Charge

An arrest for DUI does mean you are guilty. Never assume you are guilty if you have been charged with a DUI. Most people feel overwhelmed when they are cited for DUI. Suddenly, you’re thrust into a whirlwind of police investigations, courts, license suspensions, waukegan dui attorney, judges, and even the possibility of jail time!

It can feel tempting to take whatever the prosecutor of your case offers, just to have it over. This is one of the worst mistakes you can make!That’s why you need to have a professional like Scott Spaulding, waukegan dui lawyer , on your side.

Whether you are facing a first offense or have been charged with multiple DUI offenses, we can fight for the best possible result for your case. We understand the serious DUI penalties that are involved in you are convicted, so waukegan dui lawyers stop at nothing to defend you.

Even if you allegedly fail a breath-test machine or field sobriety test, we never assume their accuracy to be used against you. Officers make mistakes and machines do not always work correctly.

Waukegan criminal defense attorneys do not make a determination about your case before knowing the full situation. We do not assume you’re guilty, nor assume you should plead out. However, neither do we immediately take action to go to trial. We evaluate carefully the facts of your particular case, then analyze them according to who is prosecuting and the judge assigned and, especially, the specific court in which your case is being handled.

Each of the above factors plays an important role in determining the best course of action to proceed. Waukegan criminal defense lawyer work hard every day to develop strategies to help you win your DUI case.